About Us

Origin Story

Redline Mowing & Trimming LLC is a Local Firefighter/Advanced-EMT Owned and Operated Lawn Care Service.

We provide you comfort knowing you can TRUST our HONOR and INTEGRITY to provide you the best lawn care services available.

Redline Mowing & Trimming LLC was founded by Tristan Lopez in April of 2024 based out of his hometown Stillwater, OK. Tristan has been a local Career Firefighter and Advanced EMT since 2020 and has dedicated his life towards his passion of helping others in his community. During his off days he enjoys doing many outside activities including lawn care. He envisioned a new way to help his fellow members in his community by providing a local lawn care business dedicated to providing excellent lawn care services.

We are strive to be the best Oklahoma has to offer!

Igniting A Legacy Of Excellence In Lawn Care

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Igniting A Legacy Of Excellence In Lawncare